Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just Starting

I recently decided to start a blog so I have a place to post my feelings, random thoughts, crafting ideas, daily happenings, etc..

I guess all this info will be in my profile eventually, but I'll write it here too. By my title, I'm sure you can probably guess that I like space, along with chemistry and math. I do all sorts of crafting, including knitting and macrame. I play flute, pic, tenor sax, and steel drums. I love marching band!!! And dance...I LOVE dance! I've danced for 12 years now - tap, jazz, ballet, and pointe. Tap is definitely my favorite. That's everything I can think of right now.

Alrighty...well I guess that is a good place to start for a blog. I'll be back soon...once I figure everything out. lol


gypsyknits said...

WELCOME to the blogging world! You're gonna like it here:)

Smoer said...

Why thank you. I'm enjoying it already!